Maharashtra makes negative Covid-19 report compulsory for travelers from Delhi.

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The locales delegated ‘delicate beginnings’ by Maharashtra are Kerala, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi and NCR, and Uttarakhand.

Travelers with their effects come to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to board outstation trains, in the midst of the progressing spike in COVID-19 cases, in Mumbai on Saturday.



Maharashtra makes negative Covid-19 report compulsory for travelers from Delhi, 5 states

The locales delegated ‘touchy inceptions’ by Maharashtra are Kerala, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi and NCR, and Uttarakhand.

By | Written by Kanishka Sarkar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi

Refreshed ON APR 18, 2021 11:31 PM IST

The Maharashtra government on Sunday announced six districts, including Delhi-NCR, Kerala, and Gujarat as ‘touchy sources’ similarly as spread of Covid-19 is concerend and made it required for rail travelers coming from these states to convey a negative RT-PCR report in the midst of a flood of Covid-19 cases there.

The locales delegated ‘touchy inceptions’ by Maharashtra are Kerala, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi and NCR, and Uttarakhand. Individuals who don’t have a ticket reservation won’t be permitted to load up the train to Maharashtra from these states.

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Maharashtra’s main secretary Sitaram Kunte has additionally given a SOP for the travelers venturing out to Maharashtra from the ‘touchy sources’: Here’s are largely the standards

1. Rail routes will share information of the trains that are planned to be running between these roots and stations of Maharashtra with the nearby Disaster Management Authority (DMA).

2. No open ticket for Maharashtra ought to be given on trains from touchy roots. Additionally, travelers without an affirmed ticket ought not be permitted to load up for Maharashtra.

3. All travelers willing to make a trip to Maharashtra will require RT-PCT negative test inside 48 hours of movement.

4. All travelers will be mandatorily screened and just asymptomatic travelers will be permitted to board the trains for Maharashtra. Social separating ought to be guaranteed during boarding/de-boarding and travel.

5. Rail lines will impart the information to the nearby DMA of the travelers who are going on the said trains and who are booked to land at different stations of Maharashtra on every day at the soonest, in any event four hours before takeoff from the root. Information ought to contain data pretty much every one of the travelers that may land at any station of Maharashtra. Be that as it may, sometimes, this information may not be totally accessible and subsequently nearby specialists are encouraged to anticipate 10% more than the normal disembarkment.

7. Railroad specialists and neighborhood DMA ought to keep up close coordination to trade data about postponements or timetable changes of trains and about the quantity of travelers landing.

8. Railroad specialists ought to report on each station in transit, about frameworks that have been set up so every traveler gets educated about the standards to follow. Rail route specialists may likewise design printing handouts in Hindi/Marathi (bi-lingual) to be dispersed to every one of the travelers advising them regarding Covid Appropriate Behavior expected and perils to themselves and their relatives in the event that they neglect to do as such. These ought to likewise convey data on fines, conventions at the objective and so forth

9. Rail line specialists ought to guarantee that trains from these birthplaces come to external stages where it very well might be simpler to do warm and other checking without influencing travelers from different beginnings and without blending the two. Likewise, at every possible opportunity, all travelers landing from the said trains to be guided towards a solitary exit.

10. After dis-embarkment, every one of the travelers will be lined okay with screening. Travelers conveying negative RT-PCR test will go through insignificant checking like warm examining and manifestations checking.

For those not conveying the report, the wellbeing specialists may pick to set up Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) testing office at the station, either through utilizing rail route, state government or private labs. Such travelers, in any case, ought to be given up solely after sensible affirmation of them being non-contaminated, the request read.

11. Each traveler with Covid-19 positive outcome or with manifestations or declining to go through screening will fundamentally be moved to isolate focuses. In the event that a traveler needs to move to a clinic of decision that has bed accessible, DMA may permit something similar.

12. All travelers without side effects will be stepped on their hands for obligatory home isolate for 15 days. This is needed for those travelers additionally who are conveying negative RT-PCR test just as who have tried negative in RAT at the station or something else.

13. Any individual with an isolated stamp found external their home aside from health related crisis inside the time of 15 days of stepping will be fined Rs. 1000/ – and will be moved to institutional isolate.

14. Neighborhood specialists should design, alongside nearby MSRTC/nearby open transport officials about the transports that may utilize to take these travelers for forward joumey.

15. Railroads should guarantee additional safety measures are taken by their representatives while serving trains from these beginnings.

16. Coronavirus proper hehaviour in the trains we well as the stations should be implemented thoroughly.

17. Railroad will name a nodal official for the state level just as different DMA levels who will be liable for planning with SDMA and DMA for the reasons for these rules.

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